From Nothing to Something in WebGL using regl

Truth is, things have never been better in the JavaScript world, but I think there's still a knowledge gap. Exploring front-end code is incredibly easy, but only if you already know how to do it efficiently. I've been evangelizing about regl, so here's a quick walkthrough on setting it up.

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Things I learned the hard way using React Native

This post exists because I wish someone had sat me down and told me half of these things on Day One of using React Native.

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SUCSS: A conceptual framework for Scrappable, Unproblematic CSS

Today I’m going to back up a couple steps and focus on conditioning a big red alarm bell to go off in your head when you’re wading into dangerous territory. So that when someone asks you about your front-end technique, you can look them straight in the eye and reply with firm conviction and a pure heart, "Well it's not perfect, but I do my best. My CSS? It's SUCSS."

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Hyperbolic Grid Generation

The governing equations of aerodynamics are actually pretty intuitively simple, but actually solving practical engineering problems is way too fundamentally difficult for all but the simplest of problems. Engineering is about useful approximations though, and the first step of discretization, the process of turning an exact but unsolvable problem into a bunch of immensely easier approximate problems, is to generate a grid on which to solve the problem.

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New York City Skyline

A photo of the Lower Manhattan skyline from roughly the same spot, roughly every day. An ongoing project. At least for a couple more weeks until the building goes up right in front of the camera.

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Cucumber steps with variable-length lists

I’m working hard to learn both RSpec and Cucumber. The verdict is out. I like the idea of Cucumber for happy path behavior testing and RSpec for unit and functional testing. The reality with Cucumber though is that I find I spend a lot of my time constructing regular expressions and pretty abstractions. Here’s a great example of when I start to feel like I’m headed down the wrong path.

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Trail running in New Zealand and California

Lots of pictures of mountains and hills from a Fall 2014 trip to New Zealand and California.

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A series of unfortunate things I programmed one time

In which I try to communicate the regrets that surfaced last weekend when I plugged in my old laptop and sifted through a decade-old folder called projects.

#cfd #dev #engineering #science

Black Hole Trajectories

Resurrecting an old project so that we can throw some stuff into a black hole!

#canvas #javascript #physics #science

Bootstrap Grid Demo

A quick, simple grid + gutter demo that was relevant at the time.

Quick shell commands with Alfred, AppleScript, and Growl

I need to track time on my current project, so I started using the timetrap gem. It's pretty great. Quick and easy! Except my workflow becomes: 1. Open a new terminal window 2. Type two or three characters 3. Close the terminal window, which starts to seem silly kinda quickly.

#alfred #applescript #dev #growl #shell-scripting

Getting Carried Away with Canvas

I recently wrestled with the ostensibly simple task of dropping some rotating spheres from a promo video onto a splash page. There were late night rewrites and hard-learned lessons, so I'll walk you through what it took to make this happen.

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